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WE GROW CANNABIS! – New FREE digital book by Jorge Cervantes

WE GROW CANNABIS! – New FREE digital book by Jorge Cervantes

Join us for a live stream with Jorge Cervantes as he introduces his new digital book: WE GROW CANNABIS! in collaboration with

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  1. Hey George thank you very much for my copy of your book you're older book I have in the bathroom I have read from front to back from many years thanks for the new copy I've only been growing since 1966 yeah I'm an old fart too hehehe

  2. Yeah man we go back to when you had your dreadlocks incognito because you had to be afraid to let the public know you was a pothead hehehe you sure help me learn to grow and I'm going to love looking at you new one thanks again hehehe

  3. tried to get the book it is not happening whats going on. seedsman is a joke they send you off to nowhere land and don't come through and this sight youy fill it all out and it says go to email and nothing is there tried to wait for 1hr.nothing

  4. Love you man I have all the other books but Im not a fan of making a profile on seedsmans. Thank you for all the information you give us! 🤜🤛

  5. Much respect , I will download this and read it front 2back !! Please put put a hard copy ! If the cloud ever crashes we can still have all of ur knowledge

  6. Got all your books going back to the 2006 Bible. Been in the industry for 12 years full time. Your original Bible taught me everything I needed to know to produce dispensary quality products in CA. Thanks Jorge you are a legend.

  7. Jorge, from the bottom of my heart, i want to thank you for your videos and books. You've been an inspiration to me as a grower. I always said I'd thank you if I ever had the chance.

  8. Jorge, thank you for sharing with us your lifes work. I only grow for myself, not trade. So only grow for thc and taste not yield. I have your grow bible and it helped me no end. I have to say though, growing the magic plant has lead me onto growing the likes of tomatoes etc. I personally love the GHS Afgooey…crazy smoke. Love the ' Stardawg ' too. Won't ever touch ' northern lights or orange bud '. Cheers mucker for everything. May your pipe be always full.

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