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Article: 2.5 Grams Of Cannabis Gets Passenger Removed From USA Trusted Traveller Program

Interesting short article in the Growth Op today. what are the legal implications for the traveler?

A Miami guy getting to the Philadelphia International Airport from Amsterdam has actually been booted from the U.S.’s relied on visitor program for having a little bit of bud.

The male, who has actually not been recognized since he was not criminally charged, landed in hot water on Dec. 8 after coming to the airport, keeps in mind a declaration from U.S. Customs and Border Protection( CBP). As the tourist was processing his admission at a Global Entry self-help kiosk, a roaming CBP officer referred the guy to a secondary luggage assessment.

That’s when officers found what’s referred to as “a green leafy compound in a ziplocked bag identified ‘The Plug– Jetlag’ inside a toiletry bag,” the CBP notes.

A part of the 2.5 grams was checked and returned favorable for marijuana, which stays prohibited under U.S. federal law.

Although he was not charged, the guy was examined a US$ 1,000($ 1,360) zero-tolerance charge and encouraged his Global Entry subscription would be withdrawed.

The subscription is a CBP relied on tourist program “that positions a substantial procedure of rely on pre-approved, low-risk visitors and enables them expedited clearance throughout worldwide arrivals. It is not a licence to intentionally break our country’s laws,” states Joseph Martella, CBP’s location port director for the Philadelphia location.


Philadelphia CBP Seizes Miami Man’s Marijuana, Revokes His Trusted Traveler Membership

Release Date

PHILADELPHIA— Jetlag got a Miami male booted from U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s relied on tourist program on Thursday at Philadelphia International Airport.

The guy, whose name is being kept since he was not criminally charged, gotten here on a flight from Amsterdam, the Netherlands and processed his admission on a Global Entry self-help kiosk. A roving CBP officer referred the male to a secondary luggage assessment.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers revoked the Global Entry trusted traveler privileges of a Miami man after officers discovered marijuana in his baggage at Philadelphia International Airport on December 1, 2022. Pre-vetted trusted travelers agree to comply with all U.S. laws and regulations and in return CBP permits Global Entry members expedited international arrival processing.

CBP officers discovered this weed in a relied on tourist’s luggage. Cannabis stays prohibited under federal law and the Miami guy lost his Global Entry advantages.

During that evaluation, CBP officers found a green leafy compound in a ziplocked bag identified “The Plug– Jetlag” inside a toiletry bag. That compound checked favorable for marijuana. The cannabis weighed 2.5 grams. Cannabis belongings stays unlawful under U.S. federal law.

CBP’s officers examined a $1,000 absolutely no tolerance charge to the Miami guy and recommended him that his Global Entry subscription will be withdrawed.

” Global Entry is a Customs and Border Protection relied on tourist program that positions a substantial step of rely on pre-approved, low-risk tourists and enables them expedited clearance throughout worldwide arrivals. It is not a license to intentionally breach our country’s laws,” stated Joseph Martella, CBP’s Area Port Director for the Area Port of Philadelphia. “Trusted tourist programs are a foundation to CBP’s border security objective of assisting in legal trade and travel and the stability of these programs stay of critical issue to us.”

While the objective of Global Entry is to supply pre-vetted tourists with an expedited entry procedure, members are anticipated to adhere to all U.S. laws and guidelines and might still be arbitrarily chosen for additional evaluation. International Entry is commonly popular amongst CBP’s Trusted Traveler Programs

CBP prompts all tourists to check out CBP’s Travel site to ‘understand prior to they go’ and discover guidelines governing travel to and from the U.S., which items are forbidden or inadmissible, and what they should state to CBP upon their arrival.

CBP’s border security objective is led at ports of entry by CBP officers and farming professionals from the Office of Field Operations. CBP screens worldwide tourists and freight and look for illegal narcotics, unreported currency, weapons, counterfeit durable goods, restricted farming, intrusive weeds and bugs, and other illegal items that might possibly hurt the American public, U.S. companies, and our country’s security and financial vigor. Discover what CBP achieved throughout “ A Typical Day” in 2021.

Please go to CBP Ports of Entry for more information about how CBP’s Office of Field Operations protects our country’s borders. Find out more about CBP at

Follow the Director of CBP’s Baltimore Field Office on Twitter at @DFOBaltimore for breaking news, existing occasions, human interest stories and pictures, and CBP’s Office of Field Operations on Instagram at @cbpfieldops

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