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Urb Delta 8 THC Cartridge Review – Nice Effects, Cartridge Needs Improvements

Urb Delta 8 THC Cartridge Review – Nice Effects, Cartridge Needs Improvements

The Urb Delta 8 THC cart turned out to deliver fair effects but does lack strength and good taste.

They’re still good if you don’t have dispensary-grade THC cartridges. However, even in that case, I prefer 3Chi Delta-8 Cartridges.

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  1. I tried delta 8 for first time like 5 days ago and I was TRIPPING literally bugging wanted to call 911 like it was bad i got 850mg from HARBOR CITY HEMP and I thought i was being poisoned but the people who sent poison to the white house it was craaazy its been 5 days and im finally starting to feel normal … i too like 6 or 7 full drops maybe 8 idr but I was F^^^^CKED UP BRO

  2. So I've had all the Urb 8 products…there's much better out there also had two of the carts fail halfway through…they use super cheap Chinese carts instead of C Cells or something good. I got hot globs pop out onto my lips and teeth. The gummies are weak.. the caviar cone is horrible, tastes awful and you have to smoke the entire thing to get any effect. The only good thing I had from Urb is the nano drops but even those have stevia In then and taste like ass. I contacted the company, complained about the carts and they said they'd send me a replacement…that was over two weeks ago, nothing. Not a fan and want people to know that there's much better brands out there… Treetop is real good, 3chi real good, Halo carts are fire…all of those brands use C Cell jupiter carts. Best gummies I've had so far are Hometown Heros blueberry gummies…great effects, lab tested and part of the proceeds go to support veterans. Urb sucks…avoid.

  3. I just bought a ∆8 Cartridge yesterday… Battery wouldn't work on one of my pens, and the cartridge is too small for my back up pen… Finally rigged it to work, to hit and taste the oil… 3 big ass hits later, I'M FEELING “MIGHTY FINE”!#bendeen

  4. The QR code does NOT take you to labresults like other brands , and this process they used bleaching acids to make it clearer and in a test online from another website testing brands there was a minuscule amount of bleach still left. In Chicago shops for 40$ it isn’t worth it with other brands available at all these dispos. I really am salty bout my 40 💀

  5. If these get you high then you aren’t a habitual smoker… I’d prefer these over bang or puff bars but no effect just like a puff bar 😂

  6. Hey brother, what are some good THC brands and how do I tell the good quality apart from others? In subbing, just bought a ooze duplex and wanna get the most out of it

  7. I'm puffing on this cart right now. Not the best in the world. But its definitely not bad. Im out here in the suburbs of Illinois. Which brand of carts should I be looking for if I want something legit and clean?!

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