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Twisted Brand Delta 8 hemp flower infused with hemp. Part 2 of the Indica 1st Smoke and Review (ramble).

Twisted Brand Delta 8 hemp flower infused with hemp. Part 2 of the Indica 1st Smoke and Review (ramble).

21 & 18 years old only. These are my thoughts about Delta 8 THC. It is legal in all 50 states, as long as it is from hemp and less than 0.3% of Delta 9 THC
I am a patient of medical marijuana and I am sharing my thoughts about Delta 8. All products that you hear or see are purchased with my own funds. There is no paid backing for my opinions.

Twisted Brand Delta 8-infused hemp flower. This is an Indica strain hemp flower that contains Delta 8 and provides amazing Delta 8 medical benefits, while remaining 50 legal.

This video will show you how to get the product. I apologize for not being able to edit it into this video. I don’t use any video editing software.

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  1. CBDhemp direct has a good selection of delta 8. All delta 8 bud is either dipped or sprayed with delta 8… so IMO going with the shake and rolling jays makes the most sense (if delta 8 is the effect you want). 25 bucks for 50g is hard to beat.

    Now if you vaporize or really enjoy a nice bong rip of tasty buds, then by all means go for the bud/moonrocks.

  2. This flower is the closest to marijuana i have ever smoked. I just did a couple gravity bong rips of the purple urkle and it literally feels so much like weed. Its crazy i live in florida a illegal state.

  3. Went from smoking cbd flower to delta 8 flower. Amazing. Never going back. Haven’t had normal weed in about two years and I was on the moon. Also, cbd flower is pretty dry compared to the d8 flower. D8 is very sticky.

  4. One thing that should be noted is that this stuff will make you piss hot. So if that's why you're using this, don't. You'll have to find another alternative. I can confirm that this stuff does in deed work through! Definitely calmer than weed which tends to give me anxiety sometimes. But it does work.

  5. Great video man! I got some delta 8 infused hemp flower from Bakers Ranch Botanicals and it's great stuff. I love the fact that it medicates me and I don't get that paranoid feeling like I get when using delta 9. You should definitely check out Bakers Ranch Botanicals, good stuff! One reason I think delta 8 infused hemp is so good is cause your getting cbd and delta 8 combined together. When I just smoke cbd flower it helps with stress and relaxes me but there's no medicated feeling. Now I get the best of both!

  6. Hello, found you on a search for Delta 8. CBD oil is pretty much useless for my chronic back pain. I get injections in my neck, and found Delta 8. Is there a way to use it without a bong??? thanks so much new sub…Even though this video is old…

  7. Tried this stuff and actually thought it wasn’t bad , I’m a medical patient out in Ohio and sadly they give us a limit on how much we can buy. I heard about delta 8 and did a lot of research and found out that literally it was being sold right around the corner from me so I went in and the worker at the headshop helped me and told me basically
    All I needed to know plus what I’ve researched. With their selection too , this guy might as well have been a bud tender and this might as well have been a dispensary. I was astonished. Now when I get close to my quota here under the medical program I stock up on this stuff so I never run out. But it is a tad less potent , no matter how strong the delta 8 is even though they have great hard hitting stuff. I definitely like it. Vapes and everything. Twisted is that 🔥 💪

  8. Imma Sativa man, I love the uplifting feeling…I just got this same brand's Maui Wowie, and out of a bong it will have you blitzed lol I have arthritis in both my legs and delta 9 cannabis is illegal where I'm at, Delta 8 products have been so much of a lifesaver… Love Delta 8! Cheers! 😎🤘

  9. I’ve tried the vape carts , it’s a nice mellow high, just order the cookies 🍪 D8 infused flower can’t wait to try them ! From black water hemp..

  10. I have a good kind you should try from Tennessee. I also use for medical reasons and you are correct the indica dominate flower is the bomb mixed with me for my email

  11. i totally agree: for athletes and older folks, THC and the "psychoactive" properties of WEED, are essentially obsolete, in comparison to the obstacles overcome by "partitioning and separating the different" cannabinoids, to the effect of HEMP.

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