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What is Upper Endoscopy and Why Is Small Intestine Biopsy Recommended for Celiac Disease?

When undergoing an evaluation for possible celiac disease or gluten sensitive enteropathy doctors usually recommend an upper endoscopy and small intestine biopsy. What that may mean or why it is recommended may not be clear to people who are facing the decision to undergo the procedure themselves or to subject their child to the exam. This articles is a review of the procedure and what it accomplishes as well as potential limitations.

Essential Oils and Toenail Fungus

When deciding for a treatment to eliminate nail fungus once and for all, not everyone of us prefers the use of chemicals and pharmaceutical products. Nature has always provided us with a form to heal ourselves from the most varied infections and diseases. In the pursuit of this natural cure, many people resort to essential oils.

3 Simple Steps to Avoid Buying Counterfeit Medications Online

Believe it or not, not all illegal drug deals go down in dark alleys or in the back of crowded clubs. The easiest place for someone to take advantage of you is where you feel the safest and most secure. This means that one of the easiest places where the consumer can be exploited is the online market. Ordering your prescriptions online can be cheaper, more time consuming and even just as safe, if you know what to look out for.

How Close Does the Government Monitor Your Drug Importation?

Usually when people think about importing drugs from Canada, a red flag pops up in there mind that reads, ILLEGAL. However that is not the truth or not the whole truth at least.

7 Step Guide to Complete a Safe Purchase From an Online Pharmacy

Everybody knows that prescription medication is much cheaper in Canada. What people don’t know is how to successfully utilize the internet to locate their prescription medication in Canada, saving both time and money. So here is a step-by-step guide on how to locate and order your medication online from an established Canadian pharmacy.

Heartburn and Celiac Disease: Gluten Sensitivity as a Reversible Cause of Gastroesophageal Reflux

Most people are not aware that heartburn is a common symptom of gluten intolerance or sensitivity. Many are being treated for reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, gas-bloat dyspepsia, lactose intolerance, or just suffering ill health unaware that a gluten free diet (GFD) might relieve their symptoms if not improve them significantly. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and reflux esophagitis may be a reversible complication of celiac or symptoms may be improved on a gluten free diet.

Celiac Disease Biopsy Explained: Part I Villous Atrophy

The diagnosis of celiac disease is confirmed by a characteristic abnormal appearance of the small intestine under the microscope. In part I of this series, normal intestine is described and the concept of villous atrophy explained. An explanation is given about how the biopsy may be interpreted as normal but celiac disease and especially gluten sensitivity is still possible.

Celiac Disease Biopsy Explained – Part II

Celiac disease is diagnosed by a characteristic appearance of the small intestine on biopsy. The earliest sign of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity is the presence of a type of white blood cells known as lymphocytes migrating up the villous of the the intestine, known as intra-epithelial lymphocytosis or increased IEL’s. This criteria for abnormal IEL’s in celiac disease is reviewed.

Continuous Improvement in Hospital Quality of Care

Hospitals like any other business are under continuous pressure to improve their quality of care, and focus on improving outcomes and overall patient safety. Most hospital organizations today have adopted quality management best practices to ensure that services for their patients are uniform, consistent and meet the highest quality standards possible.

Optimizing Your Request for Medical or Peer Reviews

If you’re a claims manager, utilization management nurse or case manager and you’re sending cases to an Independent Review Organization for medical peer review, here are some important tips that can make your next review easier and maybe cost less.

Helping Third-Party Administrators Manage Healthcare Claims Costs

Independent Review Organizations work with Third Party Administrators across the nation to deliver better care decisions and allocate healthcare resources more effectively.Why is an Independent Review Organization so important to this process of working with Third Party Administrators? It’s simple.

Our Nation’s Healthcare Costs are Spiraling Out of Control

Almost every day we read in the newspapers how healthcare costs continue to rise at a double digit pace. As employers each year we are chagrined to hear from our health insurance carriers that they’re passing on 12 to 15 to 17 percent increases in health care premiums. We respond by shifting costs over to our employees by increasing the deductibles and co-pays hoping to stem the tide of uncontrollable healthcare costs. Yet, they continue to rise.

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