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The Best Treatment for Cold Sores and Herpes Simplex

An online guide to finding the best treatments for cold sores and herpes simplex.

Viagra is Good for the Heart

Viagra, which millions of men take for erectile dysfunction, reduces the effects of hormonal stress on the heart by half, according to a new study. These findings are believed to be the first confirmation in humans that Viagra has a direct effect on the heart. Related studies in mice suggest that Viagra also may prevent and reverse the long-term effects of chronic high blood pressure on the heart.

Drug Interactions? Wonder if Your Prescription Drugs Are Messing with Each Other? Check

I found a great drug-drug interaction resource site today while in clinic. There is no reason why you cannot use the same reference. So many times people are on drugs, herbs or vitamins which interact with each other in harmful ways.

Seven Tips to Maximize Savings on Prescriptions

Seven helpful tips on how to save money on prescription medications. There are many ways to save money on medications.

Arthritis and Pain Relief Medications Cause 16,500 Deaths Per Year

Facts on arthritis pain relief medications and a better solution…

Tales from the Emergency Room

Do you have a friend who works at a hospital, I think we all have friends who have such jobs as healthcare is an extremely labor intensive industry. Well if you have friends who are nurses, staffers or doctors, they sure have some outrageous stories don’t they.

Medical Tourism Saves You Money, but Which Country is Best?

Increasingly, people from the industrialized countries of the world are seeking out places where they can both enjoy a vacation and obtain medical treatment at a lower price, than in their country of residence. Medical tourists are increasing in numbers, but which country is best for medical tourism?

The Truth On Taking An Aspirin A Day To Prevent Heart Attacks

We’ve all heard the theory about taking an aspirin a day to keep heart attacks away, but can a little pill that you find on the shelf of every pharmacy or grocery store, taken once a day, really protect you from heart attacks or stroke?

Frog Glue

The secretions of the Notaden Frog, or Crucifix Frog as it is commonly known, may provide the latest scientific and medical breakthroughs for healing wounds. Found mostly in Australia’s driest areas – secretes a fast drying frog glue when under attack.

How To Be Your Doctor’s Favorite Patient

First of all, let me explain something in case you don’t already know. The more your doctor and his staff like you, the better service you will receive. It’s just a plain fact and human nature.

Doctor I’m Having A Flare of My Arthritis What Should I Do?

People who have arthritis know all about flares. These are periods of time when the arthritis really acts up. Sometimes these flares may be related to activities or to weather or to medication change. But sometimes they happen for no apparent reason. This article discusses what a patient can do to minimize the effects of a flare.

My Son Has A Stiff Back When He Gets Up in the Morning – Is It Ankylosing Spondylitis?

Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) is an inflammatory type of arthritis that preferentially affects the spine but may also affect other joints. AS can affect other organ systems such as the eye, heart, and lungs. The good news is that early diagnosis and aggressive treatment can put this form of arthritis in remission.

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