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Try a Delta 8 Cart (@Goodekind)

Try a Delta 8 Cart (@Goodekind)

“BREAKING: Due to the new vaping bill…there will be no more mail order of CBD and Delta-8 THC vape cartridges and companies selling online won’t be able to use USPS for shipping. The price of Delta-8 THC vape cartridges is increasing because it is not possible to order them online
You can also purchase Delta 8 gummies or other incredible hemp products!

You know what you should do!
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  1. I have bad anxiety, been on xanax for years (only .75 mg a day) I just ordered from eightysix, so I’m hoping it will replace the xans.

  2. Trippin wit that first hit, delta 8 is way more thicker than regular weed(delta 9) so your lungs definitely felt that

  3. For the geniuses out there just cuz it's federally legal doesn't mean that your own State can't prohibit it which means they could enforce the law if they deem it illegal

  4. At 4:50 when she took that long ass hit and choked I subbed immediately . 🤣 I knew that he was going to grab her about the chokehold🤣😭🙏🏽💙

  5. Turn it on!!! 5 ×s my dear!!Lol, as soon as I saw you hitting it so hard I knew you were done! Lol. That's soooo funny

  6. Legit carts do not taste like soap, or metal. Cresco live resin taste and smell like flower. Man I love Cresco live resin. Can anyone tell me if there is another live resin brand that taste n smells like flower? Illinois sells them but I'm not paying $154.00 for a 1g cart. I did it the first time I took that drive but Mi is the same distance for me and I can get 1g for $25-$50.Just can't find Cresco live resin in MI. Any suggestions?

  7. I be likin' some Delta 8. I got some w/ a hint of berry. It gives a light high feeling/head-rush at 1st; butAfter hittin' it bk 2 bk a few times, I myself am zoning the F*ck out.🤘the F*ck ya… I approve! GR8 review

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