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Starting a Delta-8 Business (the new wave?)

Starting a Delta-8 Business (the new wave?)

\What is Delta-8 thc. Starting a Delta-8 Business in 2021\

Today’s topic is canna! This video will give you some background information if you are interested in getting into the Delta 8 industry. This video will explain what Delta 8 is and how it works legally. It also explains where to start a Delta 8 company.



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Jillene Doolkadir, Esq. Jillene Doolkadir, Esq. is a Florida licensed attorney and legal, compliance, and regulatory consultant. Her practice focuses on helping small businesses, entrepreneurs and cannapreneurs navigate the legal and regulatory landscapes of operating their business. Her areas of expertise include business transactions, intellectual and copyright, data privacy, hemp law, and business transactions.

This video contains information that is intended for education purposes only. It does not constitute legal advice.

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  1. True story….I have really bad nausea caused by chemo. Someone suggesting CDB. So I went to the local store and bought a bottle of what I thought was it. Nah, it was Delta 8. I was high for hours. lol Ive never been into marijuana so I didnt want anything with THC so I donated it. lol

  2. You quit being a lawyer to do what? Why? I thought you would say you quit for a different reason. I rather be a lawyer, but you can do whatever makes you happy. I'm happy that you are happy. Enjoy your new adventure. Good luck to you and your new business!

  3. The cannabis dispensary industry is a $28 billion dollar industry expected in 2021. Women make up 48% of the customer base and added 77,000 new jobs in 2020 it's growing so fast that moving up to new positions no matter where you start happen within one year according to data, a need for accountants and lawyers are going to be in high demand.

  4. Hi I was thinking about trying to open a shop here in Crystal River Florida was wonder if u new how I would get started like could I find investors to help me get it started?and do the delta-8 companies help put there products in the store? LOL so I definitely need help

  5. Great vid sis. Keep up the good work. I'm an old guy who doesn't care to get “high”, but I do use D8 for pain relief. I “micro-dose” at about 10-15 mg twice a day along with my CBD/CBG. For me, it has helped with my normal aches and pains and with the quality of my sleep. I live in the MO Ozarks, and I can say that anything related to Hemp or Cannabis is still taboo and will ruin your business, as people will treat you as a social pariah if you're selling the stuff. It isn't right, but that's the way people are.

  6. After 2:03 I had to subscribe lol But all jokes aside, love your content🙏 Its because of you and others like you I am inspired to get with this Delta 8 wave✌

  7. CBD was never a wave it was only a wave when they were burning people on the streets with it you don't get high or anything from it it's useless and a waste of money

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