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SIDE BY SIDE: Delta 8 CBD Flower Before & After

SIDE BY SIDE: Delta 8 CBD Flower Before & After

In this video we show the difference between untreated hemp CBD flower and two different spray methods where we apply Delta 8 distillate to increase the psychoactive effect. To increase the flower’s potency, you can apply different amounts of Delta 8. Kief can also be applied.

This video does not show the flower for sale. It was used for internal testing only.

To see our Delta 8 treated CBD flower visit:

Questions: +1-503-438-6783 PST 8am-4pm Mon-Fri

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  1. Looks like cannabis
    Hemp is cannabis
    It’s all cannabis
    Unless you mean looking lord like other cannabis statins that are more popular with D9 THC

  2. Fuck y'all🖕. This is wrong and immoral. Grow real shit like everyone else cuz I'm sure nobody asked for this and when you sell it I'm sure you don't tell the consumer what it is or what you did

  3. My question is why spray the flower? Spray with what? I'm not following what is going on here. Any insight would be lovely.

  4. These people are gettin rich off this sprayed on bs. Payin 300 a pound hemp and sellin it for 1200-2000 dollars. The game is so fucked up

  5. They are spraying thc terpene flavors to make it smell like real weed. Most people are smoking cbd sprayed with terpenes now. Lol

  6. Well long as its advertised as what it is, my problem is theres street weed thats cbd flower sprayed with synthetic cannabinoids or God knows what else …

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