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My reaction to trying Delta 8 THC for the first time. Gummies & Softgels are on the way!

My reaction to trying Delta 8 THC for the first time.  Gummies & Softgels are on the way!

Progesterone: The Rodney Dangerfield of Hormones

Let me begin by stating a known fact – men and women have identical hormones. Although this fact seems obvious, it is commonly not appreciated. Progesterone is usually considered a “woman’s” hormone, perhaps related to the fact that its role in the male body is never mentioned. Interestingly, I consider it the second most important hormone in men after testosterone. One of the main roles progesterone plays in males, as well as females, is to control insulin production

Big Drug Deal

A merger between CVS Corp. and Caremark RX can continue to move forward today after an announcement by Caremark RX that it would discontinue its dealings with Express Scripts.

Affordable Health Care is Slipping Away

Affordable health care is one of the things that everyone all over the country wants. The cost of health care has sky rocketed in the past few decades. In the past, many of us rely on our employers to provide good, affordable health care. However, businesses are now cutting worker’s benefits to cut costs. Fortunately, it’s still possible to be adequately covered in case of a medical emergency.

Canadian Pet Drugs

Online pharmacies in Canada offer a wide range of medication for pets too. Canadian pharmacies offer a facility of mailing medication to US pet owners. A pharmacy is allowed to mail maximum of a 90-day supply for prescription drugs as stated by US FDA and US Customs rules. It may be followed by 3 refills if such medication is prescribed for a year. There is no limit set on number of non-prescription medications, such as the ones used for flea prevention.

Canadian Drugs For Leukemia

Leukemia is a form of cancer generally associated with children that affects cells in blood. More often than not, leukemia affects white blood cells. The disease starts in the bone marrow prior to spreading to other parts of the body. Leukemia is categorized into two types, namely acute leukemia, which is fast growing and chronic leukemia, which is slower-growing. The latter type of leukemia is mainly found in children. Symptoms of leukemia consist of fatigue, bone pain, swelling of the stomach, lymph nodes, or thymus, headache, nausea, rashes, gum troubles, extreme weakness, and patients may bleed or bruise easily.

Pharmaceutical Sales

A career in pharmaceutical sales does not necessarily require a medical background. A four year college degree of any discipline is sufficient. What does matter though is the kind of efforts you take to secure a good job in pharmaceutical sales, and, once in, how hard you work at making a success of it.

Canadian Drugs Online

Online Canadian pharmacies deliver safe and reliable drugs to consumers globally. Many licensed online pharmacies offer drugs to consumers who may order for the same online.

Filling Machines For Pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical industry brings out products in various forms. The product ranges include tablets, capsules, liquid medications, powders, injections and many more. These different kinds of products are packaged using different kinds of filling machines.

Canadian Pharmacy Drugs

Canadian pharmacies supply safe and reasonably priced prescription drugs. About 50 million people in US have insufficient medical cover. Expenses towards prescription medication are much higher in US than most countries in the world and could be unaffordable in spite of medical coverage. At present, millions of Americans tend to purchase prescription drugs online from pharmacists based in Canada, especially elderly US citizens.

Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers

Pharmaceutical manufacturers research, develop, produce, market and sell pharmaceutical products. All chemical or biological substances used for medical or veterinary usage come under the purview of the term pharmaceuticals. Prescription drugs, generic drugs and OTC drugs; vitamins and nutritional supplements; diagnostic substances and drug delivery systems are the broad categories under which products manufactured by pharmaceutical manufacturers can be classified.

Canadian Drugs For Less

A lot of people in US are turning to the Internet to order their drugs. Amongst several choices available, Canadian drugs cost less and offer exceptional savings. Drugs ordered from Canada are often a cheaper option, especially for families with average earnings and older citizens.

Stethoscope Exams

Stethoscope exams refer to the examination of patients with stethoscopes. Doctors use stethoscopes for assessing inner sounds such as heart murmurs, breathing sounds etc. Stethoscope exams enable a physician to assess the abnormalities of a patient’s heart, lungs and bowels.

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