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Marijuana: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Marijuana: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Under federal law, even legal marijuana is illegal. John Oliver explains why conflicting drug laws pose serious problems.

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  1. Take a look, when the vet with PTSD comes to speak, look behind him, at the guy in uniform just to the right. CRYING. The things some have seen, they should get whatever the fcuk they want that stops those nightmares, even if it's evil, and a gateway drug, named so, because, when it was around, every staff member of Gateways, had it included in theirpay. lol.How about stopping the cause, war, nightmarish living conditions for families, Theresa May's husband, does the same thing in the UK, only he can't sell it here, but he exports it to California. It helps me in lots of ways, not least being, ptsd, neuropathy, lack of appetite, inability to eat due to injuries from an assault AND long covid, and general appetite stimulation, as I suffer crippling depression, disabled, 3 back injuries, broken nose, sMgws ey aocket, cheekbone, eyesight…. if I DIDN'T have it, I'd be dead within he week, or…. on some kind of opiate that you can never kick.Less aggression, munchies, are a massive ecoomic boost… lol.I don't smoke to get shit faaced, I'm wobbly enough on my feet as it is. it works, and I'll fight anyone who triesd replacing it with higher and higher doses of Gabapentin

  2. It kinda boggles me that we're still treating a drug less addictive than caffeine with numerous medical benefits less side effects than most prescription drugs as some dangerous horror. If it weren't profitable to keep it illegal, I think it would be recreational in every state and federal level.

  3. Remember kids! It is not really mind control if it is labeled as religion and it is not really information warfare if the information is available, and there is no engineering secrecy by the same rights, there are only patent laws and government research. Remember that there are no harsh realities, there are only harsh people, and little effort is required to live, only a lot of it is required to succeed. Remember also that they don't want you on drugs because there are drug busts and when they sell them to you it only for entertainment values, unless they are legal in which case you are in big trouble.

  4. Homegrown as a Christmas gift to a loved one is kind a f. Thank goodness for the progress on weed legalization. So many things can be treated with cannabis. Artificial pharmaceuticals are not superior to Mary Jane.

  5. My grandparents literally had a two meters tall weed bush in their garden, which was technically illegal, but most people don't care as you can go 10 km north and it isn't anymore. Inspection literally told my grandfather to maybe move the plant, because they were tired of having to keep their eyes covered in the garden. My grandmother also got a tattoo for her 80th birthday which were some kind of berries and marijuana on her right arm (she could choose that tattoo, but me and my 3 brothers sponsored it)

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