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Lemon Diesel Delta8 from Hii Stick

Lemon Diesel Delta8 from Hii Stick

Cold-Eeze Side Effects Lawyer: Zinc Destroys Sense of Smell!

Cold-Eeze nasal spray is a homeopathic zinc solution that can cure a 9-day cold in 3 days or less! Unfortunately, many patients using Cold-Eeze have experienced intense burning and lost their senses of smell and taste. This condition, anosmia, is incurable. Cold-Eeze is so new that many people do not realize the danger, and it sounds unbelievable, but please be careful using this homeopathic drug!

Lamictal Rash Lawyer

Lamictal, also known as Lamotrigine, has been prescribed to treat epileptic seizures for about 10 years. It also has antidepressant effects that are especially helpful in treating bipolar disorder depression because it does not trigger manic episodes. Lamictal can cause an allergic reaction, a serious possibly life-threatening rash. It is not proven safe during pregnancy and should not be taken while breast feeding.

Ephedra Product Ban

The herbal supplement Ephedra has been banned by the FDA because the drug raises blood preasure and stresses the heart. Ephedra (also known as ma huang) has caused numerous deadly strokes, and the positive effects are limited to a temporary, short-term weight loss. The Ephedra diet pill is dangerous and Ephedra product is not even an effective means of weight loss.

Antibiotics 101- What You Absolutely Need to Know

Antibiotics are said to be the greatest contribution of modern day science helping the doctors to think beyond microorganinsms.their importance is felt much more in developing countries where the infections are prevalent.

Five Secrets of High Blood Pressure Treatment

When to start the treatment for high blood pressure and how big is its real efficacy. What is the main secret of the centenarians we can use. What are the benefits of non-pharmaceutical treatment of the arterial hypertension…

Medical Error Crisis

The unfortunate truth about medical errors is that they plague the poor and uninsured, reflecting the great medical inequality in our country. For those who do not consider medical errors to be a problem, consider this: medical errors kill between 44,000 and 98,000 Americans every year. Medical errors kill more people per year than breast cancer, AIDS, or motor vehicle accidents. Though the poor are the hardest hit, medical error affects everybody and causes millions of dollars of damage every year in addition to the lives it destroys.

Are You Sometimes Confused by Written Medical Instructions?

Now, imagine what it would be like if you were sick, scared and had only third grade reading skills. Your doctor tells you, “You’ve got to follow these instructions exactly, or you could die.”

Bextra, Some Facts To Consider

What is Bextra and what does it do? Are their good effects and bad for this drug? For those who take Bextra, there are many warnings out that are telling people to…

Rheumatoid Arthritis : the time bomb

Rhematoid Arthritis is a disease hard to spot. Here are a few tips and information to look for to prevent from being a victim of this terrible condition

How Safe Do You Feel Going To Hospital To Be Cured

There has been a lot of concern in Australia over the performance of an overseas trained Doctor that had been made Director of Surgery in a regional city…

Bextra and Vioxx Withdrawal Spawn Advertising Pause from Bristol Myers

Bristol Myers Squibb has decided to stop advertising to consumers for a year. This is a direct response to the withdrawal of Bextra and Vioxx. Here is what consumers need to know.

Residential Drug Treatment Centers

Find the help you or a loved one needs with help from a residential drug treatment center…

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