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Drink Your Weed: Is Cannabis the Beverage Industry’s Next Big Thing?

Drink Your Weed: Is Cannabis the Beverage Industry’s Next Big Thing?

From hemp-based sports drinks to cocktails that get you high, science has finally cracked the code to making #cannabis beverages that don’t taste awful. Digital video journalist Jonathan Bloom reports. #CannabisDrinks #Marijuana

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  1. Only dumbfks believe u can get alcohol poisoning if just smoke weed once u feel like ur gonna throw up frm too much alcohol”bc it'll stop the vomiting”

  2. The biggest hindrance to cannibas liquor may be that society would have to fess up to the fact that, as with any substance, at a low enough dosage level THC isn't psychoactive — and low dosage levels are what most liquor products would likely end up using.

  3. I don't understand this video.Hey please, how to make green weed drink at home, I'm from nepal I have weed garden.

  4. Except that it's not 100% true that you can't throw up if you're cross-faded. I've seen it happen a few times with a very close friend. Maybe it's more a matter of how much you can still drink and smoke without throwing up, like if there's a limit or something.

  5. Oh well we will have alcohol infused qith canibus next. You can drink both together. But if you really wanna impress me id like to smoke a beer.

  6. Lame. Just buy gummies and drink water. Who does this benefit beyond bar drinkers? Can't we make social places to consume weed and play pool or dance?

  7. I think they should be mixed alcohol and weed specifically weed wine where the alcohol is still present would be great if not just pair your weed with your wine

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