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DOES Delta 8 THC Get You BAKED?

DOES Delta 8 THC Get You BAKED?

Healing Holidays – Medical Tourism at its Best

Finally, as reported in 60 Minutes, NBC and internationally reported – low cost and high quality surgery for those that need elective or major surgery. Heart surgery, plastic surgery, joint replacement, and other costly medical procedures done for up to 80% less than your current quote. Yes, its “real” and done by some of the best doctors in the world for those that qualify. Literally a life saver for the uninsured or underinsured in the United States.

Treating Cholesterol – Statins vs. Cholesterol Diet

Cholesterol control has become a billion dollar business. As more and more people are diagnosed with high cholesterol, lowering cholesterol has become a hot issue that makes the news everyday. Perhaps an 8 week cholesterol cure is right in your neighborhood grocery.

Pain Killer Addiction – Help Finding A Way Out Now

There are a number of effective treatment options to treat pain killer addiction to prescription opioids and to help manage the sometimes severe withdrawal symptoms that can accompany sudden stopping of pain killers or drugs.

The Influenza Vaccine – Proof It Doesn’t Work

Production of flu shots are underway and the push for vaccination will begin this summer. Do they keep you from getting the flu? Now there’s proof that they don’t work.

Flu Shots – Beware of Toxic Additives

New toxic chemicals are being added to the flu shot. Read this article so you can avoid this adjuvant when it shows up in the annual flu shot – or the bird flu vaccine!

Housewives’ Most Common Gripe…

Studies show that tension headaches are the most common type of headache. About 30% to 80% of adults occasionally experience this kind of headache. Tension headaches are more common among women than men.

Infrared Cameras – An Emerging Technology in Medicine

Who says all cancer patients have to die? Cancer is deadly, but it need not kill. Through timely detection and proper treatment, it is possible to survive the Big C. Medical practitioners are now turning to technology to detect the presence of cancer cells and keep them from spreading; and what better way to spot the presence of cancer cells or ensure its complete removal than through infrared cameras?

On Healing and Healers

When I was in college, one of the courses that I found most interesting was Medical Anthropology. It covered medical practices from a cross-cultural standpoint. Although it was a reasonable approach, it was also one that was often at odds with the scientific approach that western medicine embodies, primarily because in many cultures, healing is also mixed with mystical practices and beliefs. I generally do not like to use the word mystical or mysticism, because it denotes some kind of mystery usually not knowable. However, for lack of a better term, I will use it for the time being.

Warning Against Soma Abuse

Increasing incidents of abuse has prompted medical practitioners to follow strict guidelines in the dispense of Soma.

PharmaPerks in Drug Sampling to Docs

It must be noted that previous studies have suggested that cozy relationships with industry can affect doctors’ prescribing patterns and judgment. But companies have defended the practice as a legitimate way to educate physicians about the latest drugs and technology.

Pharmaceutical Companies Offer Treatment For Diabetic Neuropathic Pain

Avanir pharmaceuticals received encouraging data in clinical trials about the drug Zenvia. I will tell you in terms everyone can understand how the drug works and possible impacts on AVNR stock.

List Of Canadian Pharmacies – Top 4 Secret For Buying From Canadian Pharmacies

The pharmaceuticals industry in the US, certainly seems to be on a collision course with the Canadian pharmaceutical industry. The Canadian pharmaceutical companies have taken a great share of the US home market. Since prices of drugs in Canada are significantly lower than those in US and this trend will seem to continue for a long time, Canadian companies are reaping a rich harvest, at the expense of the US Companies. Hit hard by this, US companies are crying foul and accusing their Canadian counterparts, of indulging in unfair trade practices.

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