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Delta 8 THc preroll’s from ( The calm leaf )

Delta 8 THc preroll’s  from ( The calm leaf )

Onychomycosis – One Of The Many Nail Fungus Out There

Many natural changes in fingers and toenails come with age. Fine ridges, for example, may start developing from the cuticle of the nail tip. This and other similar changes are common, but they are not signs of poor health.

Food for Thought: Exercise Your Mind

Just like it’s better to maintain a healthy heart than recover from a heart attack, dealing with emotional issues is easier before the chaos of a crisis breaks.

Patient Communication – Picking Up Where Medicine Leaves Off

We’ve all seen patients who were far beyond the reach of medical treatment suddenly defy the odds and recover. We’ve also seen patients who were well on the road to recovery, take a turn for the worse for seemingly no reason at all. No matter what the technology or how terrific we are at our jobs, sometimes medicine just isn’t enough.

Web Therapy – Enhancing Patient Communication With Web Access

According to Jennifer Lyons’ chart, she’s just a bad slip and fall who’s lucky enough to be on her way to a full recovery. But to Jennifer, who is lying in bed with a broken mandible and broken limbs, nothing could be further from the truth. Jen was visiting the city on a business trip when her accident happened, and now she’s lying in a bed 2,000 miles away from her family.

When Your John Doe is Homeless

Identifying and finding the emergency contact information for homeless John Does in the ER. The patient, known only as John Doe, was difficult to see under the hodgepodge of tubing and the quiet clicking of the ventilator, the room’s only sound.

Increasing Patient Care and Reducing Liability in Seven Simple Steps

Nearly one million unconscious patients will arrive in the emergency department this year. Although most hospitals notify patient’s next of kin immediately, that call can often be delayed or forgotten. Without it, there’s no family member present to comfort the patient, make informed decisions for his care or provide the medical history that can make the difference between life and death.

New Company Helps Another Medical Condition Become: “Acceptable” Dinner Conversation

Heel pain (plantar fasciitis) can be extremely disabling and is becoming more prevalent because of the obesity epidemic among other reasons. Frank and open discussions about its causes and treatments is needed to stem the tide.

What You Should Know About Mixing Medications and Diet…

Chemistry is everywhere and in everything. Eating foods and taking medications is allowing your stomach and intestines to become that experimental flask in the chemistry lab that can sometimes be fatal!

22 Inside Tips on How You Can Make Your Arthritis Medicines Work Twice as Effectively

If you’re an arthritis patient, you’re probably wondering whether you’re making the best use of your arthritis medicines. Also, you might be wondering whether there is anything else that you could be doing to get your arthritis better besides taking medication.

“So… Which One Do I Use for My Arthritis, Doctor… Heat or Ice?

People with arthritis or other musculoskeletal pain problems are often confused about what to use on their joints… hot or cold. This article will focus on that problem.

Integrative Medicine And It’s Future

The pro’s and con’s of combining Holistic and Natural Medicine with American Medicine.

Finally…Affordable Prescription Medication without Insurance.

Just because you don’t have health insurance doesn’t mean that you can’t afford the medication that you need. The many assistance programs available to US citizens combined with the viable option of buying your prescription medication from Canada present the uninsured with the ability to purchase the medication that they need.

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