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Delta 8 THC MAC 1 Custi Cartridge Review

Delta 8 THC MAC 1 Custi Cartridge Review

Clinical Trials: Experimentation in Medicine?

Are you curious about clinical trials? Are you afraid of being experimented on? Do you wonder how patients are screened for clinical trials? Read on to find out what really goes on.

The New Medicine: Medical Care’s Increasing Reliance on Technology

Medicine has seen an enormous transformation, largely due to technological advances. Tomorrow’s medical developments may bring us treatments and even cures which we can’t even comprehend today.

How can your Children avoid Knee Sports Injuries in India? Advice for Indian parents

Children are prone to develop injuries in sports. Accidents, overuse, lack of conditioning are the leading causes.In this article Indian parents are informed about how to prevent injuries to their children?

Meniscal Transplant: A Welcome Boon for Patients After Menisectomy in India

There is hope now for young patients with a menisectomy after knee injury in India as a Meniscal transplant facility has come up in Chennai.Those with an ACL injury and menisectomy can postpone osteoarthritis by a decade or more…

Littman Stethoscopes – Special Outstanding Features Of the Littman Stethoscope

What makes a littman stethoscope stands out among the wide range of stethoscopes available today? This overview traces the story of this invention, explains the various outstanding features and show how technology has been used brillantly to evolve into the 3M Littman Stethoscope we know today.

Lizard Spit and Weight Loss

In the southwestern United States lives a unique animal called the Gila monster. What is so unique about this lizard-like creature is the fact that it only eats three times a year. Why does it only get hungry every four months? Scientists, in the never-ending search for new medications, began to study the Gila monster. What they have come up with is truly remarkable.

Drug Deficiency Anemia

I’m not going to do the research but I’m guessing more than ten percent of America is suffering from drug deficiency anemia. That is, we are unmedicated with street drugs or pharmaceuticals. It’s only a matter of time though.

Salivary Stones – Nonoperative Removal of Sialoliths and Sialodochoplasy of Salivary Duct Strictures

SIALOLITHIASIS and salivary duct strictures are common pathological conditions of the salivary glands and their ducts. They produce similar symptoms of swelling, pain, and infection as a result of duct obstruction. Swelling and pain usually occur during meals, when salivary secretion is stimulated.

Should You Take Ritalin?

Researchers are now finding that Ritalin has alot of safetly issues.

Millions Have Misused ADHD Drugs

New studies show that college students are now among those who abuse ADHD medications.

Why I Hate Remedy Research

Is vitamin E good for your heart? Will apricot pits cure cancer? The statistics say yes. The statistics say no. Well, how do you read statistics anyway? The bottom line is that the statistics must be correlated with properties and mechanisms proven by true science.

Drug Rehab Programs: Variety and Effectiveness

There are thousands of drug rehab or drug treatment programs available throughout the United States. They term themselves drug rehab, drug treatment, addiction treatment facility, free standing addiction treatment, detox and a host of other names. This article explains the differences to you.

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