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Delta 8 THC Jack Herer & Skywalker Strain Review

Delta 8 THC Jack Herer & Skywalker Strain Review

Tiny Doctors

Did you hear? There is a new invention that revolutionized surgery! It’s called the Medibot.

Tiger Woods is Asian

I was reading a study on the efficacy of a therapy to treat Hepatitis C, but my mind kept drifting to Tiger Woods. I was thinking about Woods, not because he is the current topic of every trash news source, but because he is an example of why race-based medicine does not work.

Anesthesia Monitoring

Anesthesia means the medical condition of inducing sensation along with feelings of pain that is relieved for some time. It allows the patients to go through a surgery along with other procedures without pain and distress. Oliver Wendell Holmes created this word in 1846. Yet another definition for anesthesia is reversible lack of awareness. Anesthesia varies from analgesia in choking up all the sensation and not just pain.

Are There Alternatives to the Swine Flu Vaccine?

Most people who have been infected by the flu have shown only mild symptoms and the normal precautions taken for those afflicted with seasonal flu should suffice. These include vaccination (when made available in the market), washing hands, sufficient rest and sleep, exercise, balanced diet with emphasis on fruit and vegetables and avoiding crowds. Covering the face while sneezing or coughing and staying at home during the period of illness (with some level of isolation) also helps in preventing the spread from an infected person; there is some doubt as to how effective face masks are, in this regard.

Do You Really Need Drugs For Your Osteo

This article was originally supposed to be about calcium and its significance in muscle development. Flipping through the local paper this morning, something got my attention and made me change my mind. An ad announcing that the new clinic for osteoporosis just opened, couple of blocks away from where I live.

How Safe Are Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs?

In yet another case of NSAID-related labeling change, all products containing diclofenac sodium are now required to include stronger warnings and precautions about possible liver toxicity. The call for change came after post-marketing reports found that Voltaren, a diclofenac sodium topical gel used for the relief of osteoarthritis-induced pain, could cause serious liver reactions, including liver necrosis, jaundice, hepatitis and liver failure. Some of these reported cases have also resulted in the need for a liver transplant or even death.

Why is Energy Medicine Gaining More and More Credibility?

Why can energy medicine heal lots of disease that Chinese and western medicine cannot? Energy medicine is not a new science; it goes back to at least Galileo’s time, although it is gaining more and more credibility as time goes by.

New Non-Stimulant Medication For ADHD Hits the Market

Intuniv is a new medication for the treatment of ADHD in children and teens that just recently gained its approval from the FDA and was available to pharmacies in early November, 2009. But is Intuniv right for you or your child?

Dams and Sandbags – Which Medicine Costs More?

Why do most medicines focus on treating symptoms rather than causes? Isn’t it better to cure rather than just control? Maybe this little flooded valley analogy can spread some light on the situation.

Questions Raised Over Popular Cholesterol Drug

A new study has shown that for people already taking statins, the cholesterol-lowering drugs, an expensive cholesterol medication is less effective at lowering cholesterol than the cheap vitamin niacin. Published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the study is the third to raise questions about how effective two drugs manufactured by Merke and Co, Zetia and Vytorin, are. In the UK they are sold under the brand name of Ezetrol.

Confused About Panic Attack Medication? Here’s Some Help

Medications aren’t the only means of treating panic attacks, but they can sure help. Here’s some information that will help you understand some of the available options.

Hair Loss and Other Possible Side Effects of Fertility Drugs

The most important thing in life for a woman is maybe the birth of a child. But many woman have irregularities in the ovulation cycles and they get pregnant very difficult. Not all the women have the ability to conceive naturally. Infertility by nature is a complex condition, many methods are required before any possible diagnosis is created.

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