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The Use of Muscle Relaxants for Lower Back Pain

The muscle relaxing properties of “muscle relaxants” arise not from direct activity at the muscular or neuromuscular junction level but rather from an inhibition of more central polysynaptic neuronal (nerve cells that end in synapses) events.

What Are The Best Herpes Simplex Medicines, Conventional or Alternative?

Although there is no cure for the disease, there are plenty of herpes simplex medicines out there that can help you manage the virus effectively. Whether you suffer from the oral or genital variety, your outbreaks may not require much treatment at all. Some cases are very mild, only lasting one to two weeks. For more severe cases, treatments may help lessen the pain and shorten the length of the outbreak.

Online Pharmacies – A Welcome Alternative To Drug Purchase

The manifold benefits of Internet pharmacies have made them an instant favorite among customers. Quality drugs at low prices, easy ordering process, confidentiality and a host of other services has made online pharmacies a welcome alternative to the community drugstores.

Simple Tests To Assess The Severity Of Brain Injury In Children

An Online Resource to provide information regarding Brain Injuries and associated matters.

Disaster Medicine- Beyond the ER

In the year since 9/11 disaster medicine has come into its own. Now a recognized specialty the practice of disaster preparedness, disaster planning, disaster response and disaster recovery as it relates to the practice of medicine and the function of healthcare and healthcare institutions has moved from the realm of the emergency manager and hospital safety officer and into the realm of the healthcare professional. But in this expanding universe of knowledge the hospital floor and the Intensive Care Unit were all but forgotten.

Medication Errors

This article discusses what medication errors are and how you can avoid them.

Garlic Thin’s The Blood The Same Way As Fish Oils

Garlic is thought not to have evolved in the wild but from cultivated Allium longicupis or Wild Garlic, which does grow naturally in central Asia. Cultivated garlic was used in Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt from at least 2000 BC.

Diabetes and the Obesity Risk Factor

Scientists still do not know the cause of diabetes. Certainly there are risks apparent and these must be addressed.

Now We’ve Done It – Texas Fights The Overuse of Antibiotics

Most of us have done it: at some point, we caught a bad cold or flu and, feeling miserable, dragged (or, if you prefer, drug) our shaking bodies into the doctor’s office to beg for a prescription, believing a few pills will somehow make it all better. “Come on, Doc,” we said, “Give me something. I’m under a deadline, here. My health insurance will cover it.”

A Good Solution for Treating the Symptoms of Depression

Effexor is used primarily for the treatment of depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and social anxiety disorder in adults. It is known as one of the most activating of the newer antidepressants. While this can be helpful to some, as a number of depressed patients report feeling exhausted and unmotivated, to others it poses the risk of increased anxiety and agitation.

Understanding the Dangers Associated With Taking Lortab

Lortab is classified as a narcotic analgesic, which contains hydrocodone and acetaminophen, and generally prescribed as a pain reliever to those who suffer from severe or moderate levels of pain.

How Doctors Treat Osteoporosis

Fosamax is a bisphosphonate drug used for osteoporosis and several other bone diseases. It is marketed alone as well as in combination with vitamin D under the name Fosavance.

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