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Delta 8 Downsides

Delta 8 Downsides

Just Say No to the Swine Flu Vaccination

The Swine flu also called the H1N1 flu virus is infecting thousands of people every day. The government has wasted precious time trying to figure out how to combat this disease. They believe that a vaccination is the only answer, but they are fighting among themselves as to whether you need one or two shots.

Common Complaints From Online Pharmacy Reviews

Online Pharmacies offer subtle shipping, low prices and a wide variety of pills. Ideally, using online pharmacies give you less hassle in ordering your medication. But, there are several problems with this industry.

The Facts of Therapeutic Substitution

There currently are pharmacies that are practicing therapeutic substitution when it comes to filling prescription medications. Therapeutic substitution happens when a drug that is considered to be therapeutically equivalent to a second drug, even though it might not be chemically equivalent to the prescribed drug, is given to the person filling the prescription without their permission or acknowledgment.

What is a Medical Device Recall Or Drug Recall?

When you hear about a medical device recall or drug recall, what exactly does that mean? Are you at risk? What can you do to understand how this may affect you? This series of posts will walk you through the basics of understanding medical device recalls and drug recalls and what you can do to assess the risks.

Antibiotic Resistance – A New Explanation

I’ve been preaching about the misuse of antibiotics for years, and the public at large is finally getting the message. (“Antibiotic resistance and superbugs such as MRSA”) I’d say with the utmost conviction, “is due to so many unnecessary prescriptions for viral colds and flus!” That sounds familiar right?

Can We Believe in What Drug Companies Tell Us About Medications?

Can we believe what we read on the labels about problems arising from the use of medications? The drugs being developed now have so many side effects and very dangerous interactions with other drugs. Do the conditions being treated, warrant the use of drugs that can cause problems more serious that the ones they are used to treat? How much trust can we place in the FDA to fully research these drugs to make sure they are safe?

Are Cholesterol Recommendations Driven by Profit Or Health?

Pharmaceutical companies quickly realized just how enormous the market for “Cholesterol Lowering Drugs” truly is. They realized they could quite effectively get you to take a drug for years and years, and which, wasn’t toxic enough to kill you quickly.

Disposable Surgical Instruments Can Save a Hospital Money While Giving Patients Peace of Mind

These days there are a lot of worries about health and things like sterilization in hospitals. We’ve all heard about the cases where someone died simply because the doctor neglected to sterilize or check to make sure their assistants sterilized the equipment properly. These stories make people leery of going to the hospital, especially when it comes to something as simple as treating flu symptoms.

Tips For Buying An Automatic Pill Dispenser

The automatic pill dispenser is a very important thing to buy if you have a problem in remembering which medicine to take and when. These are not merely pill dispensers but these are the best way to organize the medicines and then dispense them on time. The real thing is that they remain you when it is time to take the medicine.

Automatic Pill Dispensers – An Introduction

Are you one of those who regularly fail to take medicines on time? Or if you have parents who are old and need help in reminding them of the medication every now and then?

Ohaus Precision Weighing Balances

Reconditioned balances are a wonderful option to consider for laboratories and medical establishments that cannot afford new pieces. Ohaus precision weighing balances offer accurate solutions for pharmaceutical research, general lab use, drug discovery and university research.

Tracheotomy and Tracheostomy – What You Need to Know About the Procedures

Learn why theses two procedures, though similar are very different in results. The tracheotomy and tracheostomy are surgical procedures that aid with inadequate upper airway, vocal paralysis and other common ailments. We review the benefits of both surgeries.

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