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Blueberry Delta 8 THc from ( The calm leaf )

Blueberry Delta 8 THc from ( The calm leaf )

Does Living In The Burbs Make You Sick?

What could possibly be healthier about living in New York City than living in the beautiful suburbs of Atlanta?

The Antibiotic Dilemma

Antibiotics are powerful drugs. Although they can be used effectively to treat bacterial infections, research shows they’re often unnecessarily or improperly prescribed – many times at the patient’s own insistence.

Useful Leeches

The leech was indispensable in 19th Century medicine for bloodletting, a practice believed to be a cure for anything from headaches to gout.

The Hypocritical Oath

The same applies to the treatment of gallstones. Gallstones are formed in the liver and only become apparent when they have moved into the gallbladder, becoming sufficiently calcified as to show up on X-Ray. There is a simply herbal remedy used for thousands of years that can relieve the problem in 24 hours painlessly and cheaply without surgical intervention. To subject patients to surgery is decidedly therapeutic nihilism in the extreme.

Crack Down On Online Pharmacies

The U.S. government has been cracking down on online pharmacies in an attempt to stop personal prescription medicines imports by Americans in dire need. Americans overburdened by unreasonably high prices of medicines have been flowing to online pharmacies in an attempt to receive cheaper much needed prescribed medications.

How To Buy Tamiflu Online, Bird Flu And Avian Flu Treatment – Are You Protected From An Epidemic?

Is there a way to buy tamiflu online, legally without a prescription, script or doctor’s visit?

Everything You Need To Know About Cerebral Palsy And How To Cope With It!

It is important to realize that cerebral palsy is not a disease or illness. It isn’t contagious and it doesn’t get worse.

Risperdal Side Effects & Risperdal Lawsuits

Risperdal (generically known as risperdone) is an antipsychotic drug that is used to treat delusional psychoses.

New research on the Agaricus Blazei Murill Mushroom for Viruses

Two recently published articles confirm the immune actions of Agaricus blazei Murill against viruses.

Docs Giving Wrong Rx to Kids with Sore Throats?

For years, there has been concern that antibiotics are overprescribed, and with good cause. Despite clear guidelines calling for prior testing, physicians prescribed antibiotics in 53% of sore throat cases in children, says a recent study. This represents significantly more prescriptions than warranted for actual rates — 15% to 36% — of strep throat among kids with sore throat. And almost half of those prescriptions were given without a test.

Please To Meet You, My Name Is Rabies

Rabies here. Have you ever wondered what i am really all about? Most people just think that i make dogs become angry and foam from the mouth. Well that hardly does my name justice! Try this on for size; I am a viral disease which causes minor encephalitis, and can effect animals AND humans. How’s that!

Home Remedies for the Common Cold

During the long winter months it is not unusual to catch the common cold. This can be cause by exposing yourself to the cold weather or someone sick; it is usually a person with the flu themselves. Although, most of us are familiar with the flu and expect it to wear out within a couple of days, it can still cause a great amount of distress. But, you do not have to worry since there are many home remedies that can help you get rid and relieve the symptoms of the common cold.

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