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Reasons to Avoid Statins For Cholesterol Control

Not everyone can tolerate statins to control their cholesterol. Find out the reasons why someone would need to avoid statin therapy for cholesterol control.

FDA Compliance – Time to Ensure Everything is in Order

The issue of FDA compliance is highly important when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry. Amidst belief that the watchdog is set to step up their efforts to ensure compliance, many manufacturers are beginning to seek out the expertise of pharmaceutical consultants.

Chronic Sinusitis Treatment Needs to Be Tough

Chronic sinusitis is a tough condition to cure and far more difficult than acute sinusitis so chronic sinusitis treatment has to be equally diligent. Your sinuses are nothing more than empty spaces of air in the skull behind the nose and on either side. The primary purpose of the sinuses is to clean the air of pollution and allergens. However, the lining of the sinuses can become inflames and swell.

Uterine Fibroids – Are Medications the Best Treatment For Fibroids?

If you are a woman suffering from uterine fibroids (fibromyomas, leiomyomas) that are causing you unpleasant symptoms, you might want to think about treating those fibroids and getting rid of them to return better quality of life. One option would be medications.

Get Rid of Sinusitis Mucus

Nasal blockage can make your life awful. The pressure from sinusitis mucus can cause more congestion in the lungs and make your body and head ache.

What Cures Sinusitis?

If you’re wondering what cures sinusitis, you’re not alone. Millions of other people across the nation are also looking for a cure. The nightmare of sinus congestion affects more than 40 billion Americans each year. It may be acute or chronic sinusitis, neither of which makes life an easy task.

Ayurvedic Medicine – A Natural Method to Healing

Ayurvedic Medicine is a traditional method to healing disease. Learn what Ayurvedic medicine is and how you can benefit from it.

Homeopathy – A Science They Malign As Witchcraft

A system offering cure for migraines, diabetes, tuberculosis, jaundice and congenital birth defects. Reasons for maligning of homeopathy by medical practitioners and a description of its curative and preventive potential.

Genital Wart Medication – Overview of Topical Medications

When you go to the doctor to show the genital warts, the doctor will examine the genital warts and first suggest a topical genital wart treatment. This treatment works on the external appearances of the genital warts and is very effective.

Find Out How Effective Sinusitis Herbs Are

Though automation, industrialization and the subsequent modernization has led to the invention of many material comforts for man, it is not without its disadvantages. We may have eliminated diseases like small pox but have unknowingly created more diseases as well. In the earlier days, illnesses were an occasional affair where a person could rest and recover completely. These days, almost every one has an illness that lasts for years. These kinds of illnesses are activated by certain triggers present in the atmosphere.

Pharma Indexes on the Web – Databases and Directories of Pharma Companies

A Pharma index is essentially a database or a collection of pharmaceutical companies – and they are developing in new ways which may pose some interesting questions for companies whose operations must incoporate pharmacovigilance services. These directories categorise by parameters such as different countries or different areas of the pharmaceutical industry. The categorisation is commonly based on the type of results which will be searchable. On the whole, a Pharma list will be an all-encompassing directory of pharmaceutical operations.

Why Outsource For an EU Qualified Person (QPPV)?

If your company is intending to market any pharmaceutical product in the European Economic Area (all the EU, Switzerland, Iceland, Lichtenstein or Norway), you’re going to need pharmacovigilance services of the very highest quality. Pharmacovigilance is subject to extremely stringent legislation throughout the Area and you’ll need ongoing pharmacovigilance work from an EU Qualified Person (QPPV). Since many small to medium sized companies of course don’t have QPPV on their staff team, this article explains why they are essential, their legal duties and what to look for when appointing one.

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