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500mg Delta 8 THC Effects (One Sitting)

500mg Delta 8 THC Effects (One Sitting)

The Story of Oral Chelation Therapy

This article briefly reviews the amazing evolution of Oral Chelation Therapy

Tumors of the Eye : An Introduction

A short introduction to the various tumours that affect the Eye.

The Economic Implications of Buying Drugs Online

Although the Internet is fairly new (at least to the mainstream) online shopping has grown by leaps and bounds. Now you can buy almost anything you need, from food to fishing equipment, right through your computer.

Oseltamivir – Beware Bird Flu

This avian influenza which is spreading with great leaps and bounds has really taken the toll of health from many but now no more of mass destruction, kill the virus through ostalmivir phosphate (tamiflu).

A Medication Guide for Arthritis Patients: Do’s and Don’ts

Arthritis patients are often treated with a confusing array of medicines. In addition, many patients are on medicines from a number of different physicians. Knowledge as to how to handle medicines is a must. This guide talks about what a patient with arthritis should do when it comes to managing their medicines.

Fiber Diets More Effective in Colon Cancer Protection in Men Than in Women

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published in its February 2006 a report containing conclusions of a research team at University of Arizona, related to links between high fiber diets and colorectal adenoma recurrence.

Vertigo/Tinnitus (High Pitched Screeching In Your Head)

Do you have high pitched screeching in your head and ears? Does it make you want to scream? Are you ever dizzy and don’t know why? If the answer to the above questions are yes, read on.

Are You Helping by Asking, “Did You Take Your Meds?”

Sometimes it is helpful to ask, “Did you take your meds?” and sometimes it is not. Learn how the recipient of this question might feel and why you should consider asking a different kind of question.

Is Natural Progesterone the Best Choice for Me?

Many women suffer from hormonal imbalance & natural progesterone has been stated as being a safe, simple solution, with few side effects. Is this what is best for me?

LASIK: Breakthrough Eye Surgery Procedure

LASIK, one of the biggest breakthroughs in eye surgery, is a surgical procedure that uses non-thermal technology to change the shape of the cornea in order to improve vision. LASIK, which is actually an acronym for Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis (though few people ever know about it), meaning “reshape the cornea with laser.”

The Dangers of Aspirin Use!

For people who use various forms of aspirin, such as BC Powder, Bayer brand, Excedrin, and Advil, they are risking their health for short term pain relief. Yes, you may obtain the illusion of pain relief, but do you know how the various aspirins work against pain? ANSWER: By deadening your nerves! Long term aspirin use is sure to corrode your nerves and entire nervous system leading to certain central nervous system pathologies such as Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease, and even stroke.

Neuropathy Medication

Neuropathy is disease of the nervous system. One or more nerves of similar length could be damaged, thereby causing severe pain, numbness or tingling sensations.

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